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Rank Robot name Broker Name Download Info Monthly return (%) Running Time(day) Start Total net profit Floating P/L Comment
1 Forex Gump EA FortFS none 80.07 86 2100 11115.31 0
2 Broker Profit Fort FS PDF 59.94 48 1100 2314.31 -188.39
3 Berlinetta Trading Fort FS PDF 55.02 40 3900 6958.97 -671.72 VENDOR'S LIVE ACCOUNT RESULTS
4 Forex Kore EA FBS PDF 53.47 163 5000 49755.86 -1762.26
5 Aqua Forex Trading Fort FS PDF 39.07 48 3325 5605.85 -565.64
6 Eklatant Forex Robot FortFS PDF 35.49 175 3500 20127.14 -22.81 Min. Start deposit 3500
7 XXL Forex Real Profi IC Markets PDF 33.67 48 3000 4750.35 -1.71
8 Hi-Tech Trader Forex4you none 32.68 254 2272 24124.94 -7690.45 Big Drawdown
9 Benefit EA NPBFX none 20.34 58 5000 7125.08 0
10 PowerFul Forex FX Open none 15.16 366 1500 8206.12 -200.27 VENDOR'S LIVE ACCOUNT RESULTS
11 Volatility Factor 2 IC Markets PDF 12.63 195 200 429.12 0
12 FX Stabilizer EA Rea FortFS PDF 12.15 142 1400 2392.3 -0.67 Visible (review site) Real test.Private person live account
13 Exreign Forex EA FortFS none 11.87 177 4400 8454.34 0
14 TSFX FiboGroup none 10.71 545 5000 30947.38 0
15 FX Shutter Stock EA FortFS none 9.22 408 1000 3266.05 0 250 USD or Free Version* Safe EA
16 FXCharger EA FX Open PDF 8.74 959 2000 28085.65 -60.72
17 FXAdept FX Open PDF 7.61 343 1000 2287.31 -47.02 Visible (review site) Real test. Private person live account and vendor live account
18 EOS Forex EA IC Markets PDF 6.77 842 300 1841.79 0 Night Scalper.Cupon code: WAHU
19 Wallstreet forex rob IC Markets PDF 6.25 316 650 1220.47 0
20 Forex Cyborg Robot FXPIG none 5.68 567 2000 5606.58 0
21 Tension Trader FX Choice none 5.25 394 3000 5825.45 0
22 BigBen Time EA FBS none 4.93 349 1170 2032.07 -8.35 non-martingale and non-scalping
23 Happy News FortFS none 3.98 433 2000 3485.38 0
24 Fx IN Control Real FortFS PDF 3.35 142 800 933 -104.62 Visible (review site) Real test.Private person live account
25 Funnel Trader EA FXChoice none 3.27 972 5000 13959.8 0
26 Best Scalper IC Markets PDF 1.16 1505 200 353.33 0 Night Scalper.Cupon Code: CNNY
27 Aeron Scalper EA FX Giants none 1.11 112 50000 52085.83 -2266.84
28 Fx Proud EA PaxForex none 0 198 10000 10000 0

Top Ranked Robots

Forex Gump EA

Price: 199 EUR
Broker: FortFS
Start: 2018-07-30

For further test results, click on the graph.
You can buy the Expert Advisor by clicking on the name.

Broker Profit

Price: 297 USD
Broker: Fort FS
Start: 2018-09-06

For further test results, click on the graph.
You can buy the Expert Advisor by clicking on the name.

Berlinetta Trading

Price: 247 USD
Broker: Fort FS
Start: 2018-09-14

For further test results, click on the graph.
You can buy the Expert Advisor by clicking on the name.



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This is a 100% free forex robot (expert advisor or EA) testing site. Here you can always  find all novelty of the Fx robots. All of our trading results, charts, and stats are available to you at no cost. Like you, we're interested in finding truly profitable robots. Our site is frequently updated so be sure to visit often. We hope you find it useful to earn money on markets. We have many robots that can help you to make richer, so stay with us and we will successful! For more information  use our forum! Click the buttons on the Navigation Bar (on the left side) I recommend doing your due diligence before purchasing any expert advisors that have not been fully reviewed.







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